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    • Lumens: 3800
    • Resolution (Native): WUXGA 1920 x 1200
    • Throw Ratio: 1.39-2.23
    • Contrast: 15,000
    • Technology: LCD
    • HDMI Inputs: 2
    • Lamp Life (Est.): 12000

The Epson EB-990U is a bright, high definition projector that is perfect for meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms. With 3800 lumens, the EB-990U is bright enough to be used in bright rooms with the lights on and blinds open. This could be really beneficial if holding board meetings or engaging with prospective clients and you need to make notes or read material easily.

Not only will the image be bright, but with WUXGA resolution will display a high definition image with great clarity. It is sharper than a Full HD projector. The detail will be fantastic. Although the EB-990U is bright enough to be installed on the ceiling, it is light enough at 3.2KGs to be carried to different venues too - very light for a projector with this specification. We can also source you a carry case if you need one. This resolution is ideal for connecting to modern laptops, MacBooks, and PCs, so whatever someone brings into the meeting room you know that it will be compatible and will project their content in its true form. Another reason why it would be good in different venues is that is has a good throw ratio, meaning it's quite flexible in terms of how far back you go from the screen.

The 16W built-in speaker is there for added audio – it is suitable for a medium to a large audience. The input options are very good including two HDMI’s and a VGA, so you will be able to connect any device to the projector, and also more than one at a time - a great help if you have it fixed to the ceiling. There is also USB for PC-free presentations and the 3-in-1 USB allows you to project image, audio and mouse control from one single cable. This is a very impressive, reliable projector that will display a bright HD image in almost any room at an unbelievable price. 

What Epson say about the EB-990U: Maximise your students' potential with this bright Full HD projector that's capable of producing a large and scalable screen size. Its long-lasting lamp provides up to ten years' worth of lessons before a replacement lamp is required or the air filter needs attention1. It's easy to set up and offers a range of connectivity solutions, so you can quickly access content from multiple devices.

Excellent Visibility for every student: With this Full HD projector content will be bright, vivid and clear ensuring that everyone can engage with the lesson. Providing excellent visibility, this projector is scalable up to 300 inches and is bright even in high ambient conditions. It's all thanks to the high 3800 lumen output and 15000:1 contrast ratio.

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Minimal Maintenance: When resources are limited, our reliable projectors and long-lasting lamps help to eliminate downtime and unnecessary service costs. Imagine what you could achieve with minimal interruptions - our projectors help make that a reality with up to 10 years' worth of lessons before a replacement lamp is required or the air filter needs attention.

Easy Set-Up: Every classroom is different so you need a projector that is simple to set up and position. With our wide 1.6x optical zoom and vertical/horizontal keystone correction, it's easy to get up and running quickly.

Utilise Multiple Devices: Capture your students' attention and nurture a collaborative environment with hassle-free connectivity solutions. With the iProjection app, it's easy to display content from PCs and smart devices. The split-screen function can be utilised to show content from multiple devices simultaneously, while the moderator function lets you review content before it is displayed.

Key Features:

  • Bright and vivid display: Full HD projector offering 3,800 lumens and 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Minimal maintenance: 10 years’ worth of lessons before maintenance is required 1
  • Flexible installation: Horizontal/vertical keystone correction and 1.6x optical zoom
  • Enhanced connectivity: Dual HDMI ports; MHL support; RJ-45 Ethernet; optional Wi-Fi
  • Collaborative features: iProjection app, split-screen function, moderator function

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